Klaus Nienhaus MSc, BSc,

Leadership & Personal Performance Coach

Partner, International Coaching LLP

Klaus Nienhaus - Partner International Coaching LLP

In 1951, when I was born into flat green land in the western Westphalia part of Germany, my mother washed our clothing by hand. She was convinced this was the cleanest way to do it. The dream of my father, mother and family was that little Klaus would once rise above the farmers and the textile workers, obtain his O-levels, and then get an office job, preferably in a bank. When 16 years old, I was there.

I started an apprenticeship with a savings bank. Within my first three months of working in the mailing department, I was completely fed up with the world and with myself. Because for a boy like me, living in the hinterlands of the industrial Ruhr area, I had to live according to the script: secure a job and have a calculable pension in sight.

Now as I sit and look back at the many times I have rewritten my script – always revolving, changing, falling, clashing, biting, pulling myself out, evolving, developing, climbing – a pattern seems clear to me: whenever I really wanted to get somewhere, I would arrive, sooner or later. Of course, I never knew that when I started down a new road.

The journey so far has brought me from moving to the regional capital Muenster to get my A-levels, to the Philipps University of Marburg near Frankfurt to study Economics and Political Science, to taking a banking job in Hamburg and then marrying in Jakarta. I leapt over to Hong Kong 25 years ago, moved on to Singaporeeight years later, leaving the banking industry behind after five years and starting anew as coach. Three years ago, I arrived in Bali.

I went through conflicts with teachers, bosses, peers and subordinates, survived culture shocks and all the while fought with my own naivety, inexperience and arrogance. I arrived where I wanted to be, paid for that and was rewarded. The cost of change was always smaller than the return I got out of it. Life is about change… So is coaching

I am
  • An experienced business, career and financial coach of twelve years.
  • Working with corporations, businesses and individuals in support of their income, career, leadership and personal development.
  • Coaching numerous leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and individuals from China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the UK and the US.
  • Using Horse Assisted Coaching to provide clients with the purest of possible feedbacks (from a horse).

I have
  • Coached senior profiles such as Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, VPs, Managing Directors and Directors.
  • Developed and applied a new holistic concept “MEPS Fitness Coaching ©” and a created a specific and customised feedback instrument “Custom SF360 ©”.
  • Designed, developed and facilitated workshops for leadership skills, performance management, the coaching style of leadership, understanding business financials, presentations as well as the emotional freedom technique EFT.
  • Started coaching as a successful banking business leader with over 20 years of management experience in international banking with assignments in Hamburg, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Developed my niche market by coaching German speaking expatriates and professionals in their mother tongue.

Formal Education
MSc Economics

BSc Political Science

German Vocational Banking Certificate

Coach Memberships
Member of ReciproCoach,

Coach Training
Coach U 2001

Corporate Coach U 2002

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) 2006

Certification for CernySmith Adjustment Index (assessing and enhancing intercultural intelligence) 2007

Brief Coaching 2008

Certification for Extended DISC

Certification for Assess

Corporate Experience
Director and Head of Regional Service Center Asia, Hypovereinsbank AG

Director and Chief Operating Officer, Singapore, Bayerische Vereinsbank AG

Manager Operations, Hong Kong, Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechselbank AG

Manager International Finance, Hamburg, Hamburgische Landesbank

Business Profiles
Co-Founder and Director of Coaching Associates Pte Ltd, a Singapore based management and coaching company

Founder of Klaus Nienhaus & Coaching Partners, Singapore

Founder of International Coaching LLP, Singapore

International Working Experience
Germany – 11 years

Hong Kong – 7 years

Singapore – 15 years

Bali – Since May 2010