Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “Tapping” is now available in Jakarta.

EFT uses tapping on a few acupuncture or meridian points while tuning in verbally and mentally to your emotional or physical issues. It balances the energy flow in your body thus gets rid of pain and stress.

EFT (also called “Tapping”) is used for better performance and for a happier you. It is also the ideal complement for coaching.

Tapping helps you to get fit for life:

– Mentally (stay relaxed, eliminate your “self-limiting beliefs” or your self-sabotage)

– Emotionally (detach from your negative emotions and reduce fear, anxiety, guilt)

– Physically (reduce or eliminate pain and improve your health, reduce weight, improve your body image)

– Socially (overcome fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of public speaking, etc.)

Tapping is simple, ideal for self-help and has a broad spectrum of applications. It is applied for weight loss, reducing stress, creating better relationships,  improving self-confidence,  enhancing speaking, sport or influencing capabilities and much more.

This method is used by millions of people worldwide, including coaches, athletes, doctors, nurses and therapists. EFT has become the first choice for achieving fast and sustainable results.
International Coach Institute Bali offers public workshops, group sessions for companies or individual sessions for people and combines it with powerful coaching processes.

Benefits for companies:  reduce sick leave of your employees as they learn to heal their “small” sicknesses like cold, headaches, feeling unwell, dizzy or a lot of other common pains. Reduce stress of all kinds of your staff, improve performance and motivation. Save on medical bills.

Benefits from workshops:  understand the concept, learn how to use the technique and practice it on a number of issues.  The EFT technique becomes your tool to use it on your own and apply it for whatever you like.

Benefits for individual clients: get a customized program for the treatment of your specific issue(s).You pay for the value received, not for the number of sessions. You will get your money back if there is no success or improvement.

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Learn EFT (tapping) from founder Gary Craig