Horse-Assisted Coaching

Self-awareness, Leadership, Influencing

Horse-assisted coaching is about discovering your self-confidence, the power of your intentions, your leadership and influencing skills. It can be conducted either individually or as a group activity for people to interact with horses on the ground.

Horses read people’s body language and can give them amazingly honest feedback about how authentic people are in their behaviour and how clear their intent is. For participants, these sessions are invaluable as they focus on self-awareness, and the impact of leadership. For groups, it can be a team development and leadership exercise.

No riding, no verbal commands or any touching of the horses takes place during the exercises. Participants will work with the horse and test how the horse reacts to them and if it will follow them – or not!

Rationale behind using horses

Horses and people have been living together for thousands of years. Only a few years ago, some people discovered that horses could not only be used for working and riding, but also, more specifically, for people development.

Horses are gregarious animals. Put a group of them together and they will immediately work out who is the leader, and where everyone else fits into the horses’ social order. When a new member joins the group, the “sorting” starts all over again until a new order is set.

Any humans they are in contact with are considered part of the herd. The horses will want to know where you fit in! They immediately mirror your behaviour and state of being. If you are self-confident, they’ll listen to you; if you’re hesitant, they will be nervous; if you disregard them, they will turn away; if you try to push them, they might just push back!

We make use of these natural behaviours to enable you to go deeply and quickly into discovering who you are, how you behave, and how you relate to others. Horses, unlike people, don’t lie. They don’t have egos or agendas but they do have a lot of character. That’s why the information they give us about ourselves is so powerful.

Programs & Rates

Individual Sessions

One-on-one feedback session with a horse about your leadership and influencing skills. This includes individual coaching.

Alternatively, this session can be part of a bigger coaching project.

two hours (of exercises and coaching)
Individual rate:
USD 250
Corporate rate:
USD 500

* All prices quoted are in United States Dollar, USD.


Upcoming Sessions

    Past Sessions

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