Let’s answer this question with some questions.

Why do top leaders or sports men and women – already performing on the highest level – use coaches? And what makes many people below the top think they don’t need any?

How much teaching and training does a baby need to learn to walk or to talk? What does it need instead?

How much self-confidence and self-esteem do you have and how much do you want? How do you fill the gap?

How good are you at winning people (family, friends, bosses and peers, customers, community), with whom you feel good, accepted and respected and who are willing to support you?

Are you, what and where you are now, by choice?

Coaching helps you to the top, lets you develop what is already in you, creates the self-confidence you want, gives you the tools to attract people and sets you free by giving you choices.

I will talk to you – and you will find your solution to a problem.

I will ask you questions which will make you think, and you will find out what you are going to do.

Most of the time, I will listen to you, which is very rare for most of us to experience. While I am listening, you will produce ideas you didn’t think you have.

I do not judge. Of course I will give you feedback. But these are two very different things.

I can arrange feedback for you from others – if you like – so you’ll know what the people around you think of you.

You will change your behavior – if you want – which changes the people around you (your boss, co-worker, subordinates, spouse, parents and children) and you get what you want. (You influence people in your favour by changing yourself, not them.)

Really, coaching is about changing what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. That changes other people’s (including your own) perception about you, which creates a new, better reality!

A coach acts as your GPS
(General Positioning System)

The coach works with you on

  • Where you are (your present and the influence of your past)
  • Where you want to go (your future)
  • How to get there (your options, possibilities, blocks and fears)

A coach acts as your CIA
(Change-It! Agent)

You are steering the vehicle you have chosen and the coach helps you with the permission and skills to drive differently from before and into the direction you want.

A coach needs GPS and change too

To be always at the peak of my professional coaching skills, I research, test and practise the best coaching approaches, methods and processes and work with other coaching communities for their input and discussion. I am regularly being coached and mentored, and participate in coaching supervision rounds.

These are the premises with which I work with my clients.

  1. All coaching targets results, i.e. reaching goals. It is not a tea-time chat.
  2. Coach and client agree about measurable outcomes before the coaching project starts.
  3. All coaching conversations between client and coach are completely confidential.
  4. No coaching without contract.
  5. The client determines the outcome.
  6. Every coaching project has an agreed follow-up discussion about the sustainability of results.
  7. Coaching results are not guaranteed.
  8. Clients are responsible for the decisions they make, actions taken, and results achieved. As such, the coach is absolved of any liability of the clients’ actions and consequences.
  9. Coach agrees that his client’s interests and wishes are the lighthouse of his navigation.
  10. Mutual respect and open discussion are the cornerstones of coaching.
  11. Client and coach are always working on the same level. It’s not a teacher-pupil relationship.

Many years of coaching practice have given me these insights.

Coaching, especially when done by telling people what to do, often remains on the surface and is frequently not sustainable.

We all know that the mental, emotional, physical and social aspects of every human being are multifaceted, interlinked and mutually influencing. Still, many like to separate certain aspects and play the game: Assuming all other factors remain constant, if you change condition A, you should get result B. Humans don’t work like that. With this method, long-lasting sustainable positive results from coaching are only achieved by chance.

One of the biggest errors of the past is overestimating the role of the human conscious mind when it comes to behavior, decision-making, planning and leading. I’m changing this by systematically addressing all emotional, social or physical issues as deep as it is necessary, to let clients overcome a hurdle or blockage.

I offer tools for clients to help themselves in the future – to free themselves of stress, emotional or physical pains. Once unimpeded by such negativity, they can change their behavior in a sustainable way, thereby achieving their targets.

I practise ethical and green coaching. Coaching needs to be ethical and has to include environmental and social consciousness. I am only working with clients who are interested in:

  1. Sustainable results (Can the client achieve his/her results without destroying the natural or social environment, including himself/herself?)
  2. Using alternative solutions (Old methods of problem-solving have contributed to destroying people and their environments.)
  3. Renewable resources, which they use during coaching or thereafter

An overview of changes with my clients.

  • They took over new global positions.
  • They transitioned successfully to a new career.
  • They developed their board members into a team.
  • They got promoted because they became better leaders.
  • They left the army and changed successfully to private companies.
  • They woke up to change from a whiny, suffering, blaming COO into a happy, easy going, effective leader with followers.
  • They were on the brink of being fired and won their position back, making money for their company.
  • They were sent abroad to win a service bid and then developed into an MD, leading the company into a multiple year profitable service contract.
  • They steered their medium-sized company through a downswing and then into profit zone again, having re-organised the company and getting finances under control.
  • They took their lives into their own hands again, after a deep plunge into a health abyss, although they doubted that they could.
  • They were fired but set up their own business.
  • They thought no doctor or other “expert” could help anymore and came back with self-confidence, self esteem and optimism and their body recovered.
  • They thought that a money problem would endanger their marriage and solved it in a session.
  • They thought they had all the answers and knew nothing would help with their looks, weight, drinking and eating habits. And they started anew, with a different look at themselves and gaining control of their habits and started enjoying their lives.

Your mental, emotional, physical and social well-being (or not!) has a big impact on your ability to reach your coaching goals.

Before starting a coaching project, you will be asked to go through the MEPS Fitness Check. This is to let you and me become aware of areas that may be holding you back from changing your old ways.

Download the MEPS Fitness Check Form.