• Ablestik, Singapore
  • Agility Logistics
  • Bank of America
  • BOC Gases/Linde
  • CAC Management Consultants International, Singapore
  • Credit-Suisse
  • Energizer Singapore
  • Gammon Capital
  • Grant Geophysical Inc.
  • ICI
  • Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)
  • Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Singapore
  • Mitsui & Co
  • National Starch & Chemical
  • Obayashi Corporation
  • Oerlikon Assembly Equipment
  • Orientations-Relocations
  • Pentex Schweitzer
  • Philips
  • SAP
  • Schneider Electric Singapore
  • Sennheiser Electronics
  • Siemens
  • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
  • The American Club
  • Transocean Ltd
  • TriOptima
  • Umalas Stable, Bali
  • Westphalia Separator (SEA)

What some coaching clients have said

Klaus is professional in his approach and I have the highest regards for him for his passion and integrity. In all our collaborations over the years, Klaus produced great results in coaching senior management. I would strongly recommend Klaus to anyone looking for an effective executive coach.

Jason, President & CEO, CAC Management Consultants International

…Those sessions gave me better insights and I still retain your charts for me to revisit and reflect on them. That’s a reflection of your quality as a Coach… to bring about greater clarity and help your coachee to make the connections especially when making a career transition which requires quite a bit of change management at the personal level.

G.N; Former Lieutenant Colonel (NS), now A*Star, Singapore

Klaus is a courageous coach. He is not afraid to address those issues that others might side-step. Klaus gave me honest feedback. This was so important to me. He was specific and hit it on the head. Klaus acted as my mentor during our sessions. He listened to my coaching sessions and gave me clear feedback. I learnt a lot about coaching presence and also, how to be a bolder coach. My coaching changed. I felt re-inspired as a coach and I believe my coaching was more powerful as a result.

Kerryn, Global Coordinator

Klaus was professional, direct, specific and kind in his mentoring. I felt that he was truly looking out for my best interests. Thorough, Complete, Precise, Professional, Kind, Direct. Made it more clear for me that I am doing a great job now, but with some adjustments I can use more tools to become better.

Rose, Owner, Coaching Company

When I first started this journey with you, as you will recall, I was fuzzy minded and had a lot of ideas of what to do. But I had very little motivation to actually put any of the plans into practice. They were like pie in the sky and I realise now that I was quite lost and lacking in self-esteem. Through subsequent sessions with you, and as a result of the gently probing questions – and firm direction! – From you, I now feel enthusiastic about the next steps, and more than that, am also feeling positive, that I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Simone, MD, Marketing

Ole! Ole! Ole! A BIG THANK YOU to those who have participated in my personal development by providing your valuable feedback to Klaus. … Klaus’ method in getting feedback is indeed very effective. It gives the participant (myself) a good grasp of where the “problem” areas are so that a more focus and concerted effort can be directed in improving the situation. THREE CHEERS to Klaus for his innovative way to solicit feedback. “Less Is More”. I strongly encourage all SMs to use this method for personal development.

Alvin, COO, Banking

Dear Klaus, Thank you for making time to coach me at my workplace in separate occasions. It is through your listening ears and patience, I am able to understand problems which I faced. With your expertise and friendly dialogue, you have taught me how to tackle these problems and refresh me in my way of thinking over human interaction. Well, bad habits can’t be changed overnight. I am still experiencing certain level of frustration. However, I do bear in mind and focus on your guiding words. I CAN BE CHANGED! For sure, coaching has brought an extra ounce of quality of life to me because I am now happier and less harsh on myself.

Linda, COO, Legal